Gifts from Many Gardens

What could be better on a warm summer’s day than fresh vegetables, right out of the garden? While many food pantries are unable to offer such things, Food for Fairview has been fortunate to have been the recipient of many such tasty treats over the years for our clients. This year we have received an exceptionally bountiful supply. While we have always been the grateful recipients of fresh produce from The Lord’s Acre, this year several new groups have stepped up to help their neighbors in need.

One of these groups is Covenant Community Church in Asheville. The group has created a community garden on land provided by a church member. The garden is tended by a different small group from the church according to a rotating schedule. Each Tuesday church members can be found hoeing, weeding, and pruning. The group has tried to cultivate different vegetables from those provided by The Lord’s Acre so as not to overload our clients with any one particular vegetable. The group uses mostly organic methods in cultivating their garden. One of the most interesting features of the garden is the eco-friendly irrigation system, designed by a church member. The system draws water entirely from a creek adjacent to the garden. After use, the water used drains back into the creek, creating a completely self-sustaining system. Thank you, Covenant Community Church, for your hard work and thoughtfulness in providing vegetables for our clients!

An additional shout-out goes to Silas’s Produce on Charlotte Hwy. This popular roadside stand has donated unsold produce to us for us to distribute to our clients. Thank you, Silas’s Produce!

We certainly don’t want to forget the generous home gardeners, too numerous to name here, who have donated fresh produce to us from the overabundance their gardens have yielded.

Many thanks to all of these generous gardeners!


Our Summer Kid’s Food Program is in full swing, thanks to the many generous donations we have received. We wanted to acknowledge all of you, but particularly several anonymous cash donors whose combined contributions sponsored 4 children! It’s not too late to help! Remember, just eight dollars can feed one child for a week or provide a year’s worth of school supplies.

Courtesy of The Fairview Town Crier

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