“Summertime … and the livin’ is easy”

Originally found in DuBose Heyward’s novel Porgy and subsequent play of the same name, and set to music by Ira Gershwin, this line from “Summertime” from the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess has made its way into popular culture. Often quoted, it has become a catchphrase for the joys and easy of the more relaxed way of life summer brings to the typical American.

However, for our clients and their children, summer is anything but easy. Summer too often becomes a time of anxiety, uncertainty, and hunger. According to hunger-relief charity Feeding America, 2012 statistics indicate that while 31 million low-income children received free or reduced priced meals during the school day throughout the school year, only 2.5 million of those participated in the Summer Food Service Program. Transportation issues, lack of a nearby program – these and many other factors contribute to their inability to participate.

Food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens report seeing greatly increased numbers of children amongst their visitors in the summer. The average pantry in the Feeding America network reports a 32% increase in the number of children visiting over the summer months. Here at Food for Fairview we too see an increase in the number of children served.

Each summer, we carve out a space in the pantry specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the increased number of children. We stock items such as peanut butter, canned pasta, and granola bars for lunch and pop tarts and cereal for breakfast. This program costs us an additional $8.00 per child per week. Since 38% of our clients – 324 children in 2013 – are children, this program, as you can imagine, gets expensive. Further, at the end of each summer, we endeavor to provide each child we serve with basic school supplies as they head back to school in the fall, with a cost to us of $8.00 per child.

Kid Friendly DonationsYou can help us put the fun back into summer for the kids of our community. We are now accepting donations of “kid-friendly” items such as peanut butter, canned pasta, and granola bars for our special kids’ summer section of the pantry.

Or if you’d prefer, we would also appreciate age-appropriate school supplies. Easier yet, your donation of just $8.00 could feed a hungry child for a week or provide basic school supplies for a child for the upcoming school year.

We know our caring community will give generously to help its children, and we thank you in advance for your support!
Courtesy of The Fairview Town Crier

Faith Reaches Out to Serve

Regardless of what your particular faith tradition is, most would agree that there are certain similarities between all faiths. All call for compassion to those less fortunate, and charge their members with the responsibility to do their part to alleviate the suffering of the world. We are so grateful to the many area churches and faith-based communities who, following the dictates of their faith, have offered assistance of various kinds to Food for Fairview.

Recently, we were fortunate to have one such group, the ladies of the local church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, visit us for a day of service. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sets aside one day a year as their International Day of Service. Each congregation throughout the world is charged with setting aside time on this one day to venture out into their respective communities to serve others. The ladies from the local church traveled to Fairview to help clean, organize, and stock the pantry. We thank BJ (Elizabeth) Kell, a local accountant and organizer of this event, and the other ladies of who came out to Food for Fairview for their day of service!

We also wanted to recognize Susan Nichols and the Ladies’ Bible Study of Fairview Christian Fellowship. Susan became a grandmother this year, and became aware through that experience of how very expensive providing for a baby’s basic needs, such as diapers, wipes, and baby food can be in this day and age. After reading our recent article outlining our need for diapers and other baby items, and in gratitude that her grandbaby’s parents were able to provide for their child, Susan began a drive at the church to collect items for those families who were not as well situated. If you are interested in donating, there is a collection box outside the sanctuary at the church, or you can contact Susan or one of the other ladies from the Bible Study.

We are so grateful to these two ladies, their church groups, and all those who feel called to serve!

Volunteers CJCLDS
Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Photo by BJ Keel

Courtesy of The Fairview Town Crier

Donation Stations Galore


We are fortunate that we have many generous folks in the community who call us, asking when and where they can donate food and hygiene items to Food for Fairview. While we are always happy to have you drop by on Thursday mornings or Fridays from 9-12 when we are open, we wanted to let you know that we now have multiple drop off locations around the community for your convenience.

For many years, the National Association of Letter Carriers has held an annual food drive. In 2013, the group collected 74 million pounds of food nationwide. Here in Fairview, our community-minded postal workers have gone one step further. The Fairview Post Office holds a year round food drive in support of Food for Fairview. Look for the little red wagon and the poster describing their efforts next time you stop by the Post Office. This collection point is monitored by the Post Office employees and Food for Fairview volunteers.

In December, the Fairview Business Association asked their members to volunteer to collect donations for organizations such as Toys for Tots and Food for Fairview. Subway of Reynolds and Fairview and the Fairview Preschool generously agreed to collect items for Food for Fairview. Fairview Preschool director Chris Lance and her students enjoyed the experience so much, they asked to be a collection point year round. The preschool is open from 8:30-12:30 Monday through Friday. You are welcome to come by and drop off your donations during those hours, or, since they share a space, stop by on Thursdays from 11:30-1:00, have lunch at The Welcome Table, and drop off your donation then. Look for the bright yellow box decorated with the Food for Fairview logo. Fairview Preschool and The Welcome Table are both located in the lower level of the Fairview Christian Fellowship church, directly behind the Fairview Library. This collection point is monitored by Food for Fairview volunteers.

Last but not least, stop by the new Fairview Town Crier office! You will find it in the shopping center where the Local Joint and many other great businesses are located. There you will find a blue Food for Fairview collection barrel, ready and waiting for your donation! The Town Crier office is open Monday through Friday from 1-5. This collection point is monitored by Food for Fairview volunteers.

Many thanks to these great local businesses and organizations for their support of Food for Fairview!

Courtesy of The Fairview Town Crier